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Phresh Wear
Tools of Trade
Go to link below in GOLF BUSINESS MAGAZINE - page 17 read more
Emerging Canadian Co. of 2009
Phresh Wear Inc. nominated for one of Canadas top emerging company of the year by SCORE golf... read more
World Golf Holiday Gifts - ENVY

For the even more phasion-phorward, the new Canadian company Phresh (, $50-$70) delivers ultra-light and super-comfy apparel featuring earthy colors such as clay, crystal, maize and orchid anchored by classics such as navy, white and black. This palate is presented in asymmetric patterns and weaves to make some of the most unique threads on the links.

... read more
Phresh for 2010
Toronto-based golf apparel manufacturer, Phresh Wear, is taking 2010 as an opportunity to get back to basics and to marry that attitude with their garments. With a unique vision about what golf apparel should be, Phresh Wear raises the bar with their new line, maintaining the same standards and attention to detail for their female clientele, and asking the question, Shouldnt golf wear be for more than jus the course?... read more
Golfing apparel seems to go around in circles every now and then but, every once in a while, you will come across a new line of clothing and accessories that will be an amalgamation of a number of classics. Once such line of shirts is the new collection from Presh Wear... read more
Classic Golfwear, Phreshened Up
Apparently, our neighbors to the north (a.k.a. Canadians) know a thing or two about the grand old game of golf. Just ask Mike Weir, our favorite left-handed Ontarioan.... read more
"I think the biggest thing is patience in this business," he said. "A lot of people get into it thinking they need to hit their home run in the first two years or they're out. We wanted to start slow, build a solid foundation and grow in control.... read more
Is Your Clothing Phresh?
Phresh is for every golfer, every age and every size. We see it as more of a life style. ... read more
A Phresh Canadian take on golf
It's a good time to be a young clotheshorse on the golf course even better if you're Canadian.... read more
PHRESH; adj,: original, unconventional, vital, hip, active, exciting, unique.

Phresh 2010 wanted to return to basics and work with colours that convey the feeling that you get when are enjoying life. A chance to unwind and relax but also to reconnect with what’s important and the motivation it takes to get there.

We used colour to build on this - known for our more vivid collections we chose brights to reflect this feeling..... Turq - the calming turquoise waters of the ocean Grove - A relaxing siesta amongst the orange groves Aloe - Soothing properties of Aloe. Accented by the earthier colours such as Clay, Coal, Peat and Moss or the more ethereal Crystal, Maize and Orchid the colour intent is to Relax and Reconnect. Anchored by the basics Navy, White and Black there is something for everyone to feel comfortable in.

The Styles take on a sporty yet patriotic vibe in both classic and modern lines. That's PHRESH

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